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Jennifer Mohler
Jennifer Mohler of
Bridger Scientific, Inc.,
is a resource conservationist and executive director for the
Gallatin Invasive Species Alliance,
a 501c3 non-profit. 

For over 19 years, Jennifer
has worked with a diverse group
of public, private, and non-profit
entities to conserve natural resources
by promoting sustainable
management practices.

Lucky Dog Ranch

For over nineteen years,

we have managed 2-4 horses on 10 irrigated acres in the Gallatin Valley, gaining deeper insight into

sustainable land management.

When we first purchased the property, grass was almost non-existent, with noxious & nuisance weeds dominating the landscape. The soil was compacted, and testing revealed it contained only 1.1% organic matter.

We worked aggressively to

control weeds, implemented a

rotational grazing system, and began to sustainably harvest grasses.

Five years later, tests showed

organic matter levels at 3.9%,

which is proof that with good management (and really good water rights) even a "gravel pit" can be productive.

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