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It's All Connected

I cherish observing the dynamic connections between land, wildlife, and my animals on a daily basis.

For the ninth year now, a pair of killdeer has built a nest in my riding arena. They nest directly under the rails for protection from the sun and rain, and I am happy to sacrifice a small area for a month while the eggs incubate.

Once hatched, the young killdeer migrate to the horse drylot, where it becomes their nursery. Keeping a clean drylot not only promotes the health and well being of my horses, but also the killdeer.
All Connected
I meet with many landowners whose desire to let their horses run “free” across their 20 acres often backfires and results in poor health for both the horse and the land.

I too strive to manage my horses as "naturally" as possible, but the truth is that there is nothing natural about keeping horses on small acreages.
Knowing how to manage resources is the key to sustainability. 

Ecology teaches us that everything is connected in one way or another. People, killdeer, horses, and even grass need clean water to thrive.

Best Management Practices

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